My Antivirus & Firewall Protect Me. Wrong.

  • Cybercriminals test their attacks against antivirus and firewalls first.
  • Most antivirus is based on a static database of threats, meaning they don’t learn about new threats.
  • Ransomware is growing and commonly gets past antivirus.
  • No one is live monitoring your antivirus and suspicious activity.

Cybercriminals Only Target Big Business. Wrong.

  • Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses as “easy pickings.”
  • Small businesses are now not just liable for damages to their own business but to their online partners (third party).
  • New laws in states like NY and CA impose harsh fines for consumer data breaches even if your company doesn’t reside there.

Your Antivirus & Firewall Are Missing Most of These Attacks.

  • Cybercriminals commonly use employees to gain easy access through social engineering and malicious software attacks.
  • Antivirus misses many of the threats getting through at the network and host level of your small business.

Solution.CyberOps A.I. Cybersecurity Platform & 24/7 Operations Center

We Monitor & Protect Your Small Business 24/7
Designed for small businesses with the same sophisticated protection and live monitoring that big guys use, but for a fraction of the price:

  • Proactive threat hunting and containment
  • Powerful A.I. learns about behaviors that could be potential threats, something traditional antivirus cannot do
  • 24/7 live security analyst monitoring
  • Installed in minutes

The Power of A.I.

CyberOps provides complete monitoring, control, attack prevention, detection, threat containment and elimination with the power of A.I.

Cyberops autodetects threats on your network while learning to predict future threats. Additionally, it auto expands its protection to other devices as you add them to your network.

24/7 Security Operations Center with cybersecurity experts monitoring and to protect your small business.