It is time for a technology enabled remote and mobile workforce. See how American Technology Solutions & AVAYA may help your company.

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For several decades companies have either tested or implemented a remote worker strategy. Terms like Virtual Office, Virtual Worker, among others have been coined. Companies and employees alike have struggled with this concept. Issues like productivity, functionality, security, quality of service, employee satisfaction, among others have been difficult to both address and overcome. Flash forward to 2014 and this trend has much more traction. With the latest technology, faster internet access speeds, higher cost to commute and the demands of faster response to your customers communications have significantly changed the landscape of remote working. Businesses must lower cost and offer flexibility to meet the needs of their customers, remain competitive and maintain high employee morale and loyalty. Some of a company’s workforce requires mobility to perform their job and maintain easy access to the office or customer and some employees must work from home, but have the same capabilities of their counterparts that work in the office. The only issue is a company needs the platform to be able to mobilize their workforce and or facilitate working from their homes. This technology can be purchased from a telecom provider such as “American Technology Solutions” (ATS) . ATS offers such a platform that delivers a simple and flexible premise based telecom system that has the capabilities for employees to access their work material from anywhere. This telecom system is necessary for a business to adopt and capitalize on the re-emerging remote worker trend.

ATS is always working with customers to implement a telecom system that caters to their company’s needs. Whether your business has numerous remote workers or none, ATS is comfortable providing a telecom system that meets the current and future needs of your business. Remote workers can utilize the unified communications provided with this system. If a face to face meeting via Video Conferencing is needed then Scopia courtesy of AVAYA is a video conferencing software that is simple and easy to operate. With either a desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone. A company’s remote worker may easily join in a group Video Conference meeting. Their first email invite includes an application that will install in less than a minute and any person may join the video call by clicking the link sent via email. This technology allows for remote workers to be face to face with fellow employees and customers by the click of a single button.

With better remote security offered today by the latest technology you are able to overcome security concerns. With the historical or real-time reporting of the AVAYA IP Office you may track, report and insure the productivity metrics are being met. Access to all the same features and productivity tools are available to the remote worker as well. Higher bandwidth from service providers insures a much higher level of voice transmission therefore virtually eliminating voice quality issues. Many employees enjoy having the flexibility to work from home or mobile workers from anywhere. Therefore, better morale and employee loyalty. These gains with the solution offered by ATS and AVAYA will go directly to the company bottom line and provide a competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. In addition, a remote employee eliminates the commute time and expense which translates into productivity. I grew up in the northeast and a huge issue during the winter commute is snow, many times making the roads impassable. By working remotely an employee does not have to deal with poor weather or huge traffic delays and ultimately is at work regardless of weather conditions.

Without a telecom system like the one offered by American Technology Solutions with Avaya, a business will likely lose; ground to their competition, employees due to morale, and lastly revenue and profit. Often companies overlook these type of investments due to concern of Capex (capital expenditures) or Opex (operating expenditures) when a close analysis will show a short ROI (return on investment) with the many competitive benefits illustrated above. It is critical that companies see the importance of implementing a reliable, flexible and remote accessible telecom platform. Without the latest in telecom technology, communications will not be a positive influence throughout your business. However, by adopting a telecom platform from a provider such as ATS, a company will see the benefits immediately and will be able to save money and lost time by installing remote and mobile workers.