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AVAYA “One-X Portal” the One Experience that Companies Need

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There are many aspects of a company that are critical for it to be successful. You have the employees, product and processes in which the business is conducted. A main part of this process relies on communication between employees within the company and customers. Inter-office communication is critical for a business to operate smoothly. Imagine if employees did not have a reliable and seamless platform to communicate over, things would turn into chaos. Employees need to be on the same page, whether they are an hourly employee or the top executive.

For example, if a top level executive is out of the office for any reason and a major issue arises at work, the employees dealing with the situation might have the need to contact that executive face to face. Without a reliable and highly functional communication system, this would not be possible. However, with “American Technology Solutions” (ATS) communication platform, this is easily possible because of the unified communication offerings such as video conferencing. This technology would allow for that employee who is handling a key issue to video conference the executive and speak face to face with them until the issue is resolved.

In addition, say the problem has to do with a disgruntled customer, the technology ATS offers allows for multiple parties to video conference seamlessly with no hassle or headache. Therefore, the employee and executive could conference the customer who is unhappy and handle the issue in a timely and personal fashion. Without a top level communication system none of this would be possible. If a business never upgraded telephone systems, they would have a difficult time dealing with customer issues. The video conferencing technology can provide a company a safety net and save them time and money by eliminating the need for a face to face opportunity or service related matter with customers and prospects.

ATS’ platform offers a variety of other communication tools to improve productivity around the office. One-X (One Experience) Portal is an application that keeps all employees up to date on who’s in the office and whose not. Also, they can see via the application who might be on the phone or who stepped away from their desk for a moment. These abilities might seem simple and not important, but I know from firsthand experience that knowing what other employees are doing can save you much wasted time throughout the day. I have used the ATS platform and can honestly say I would never switch it for any other communication system. The offerings are the best in the industry and improve a company in ways no other telecom provider can.

To become a successful company, many aspects have to be monitored and upgraded. Telecommunication is one area where the latest technology is necessary for a business to stay ahead of its competition. ATS offers a communication platform that delivers this to its customers and has received marvelous feedback. It’s not too late to look into a new communications system. If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to contact a provider such as ATS and see how they can positively impact your company today.

Scopia by Radvision “A Video Solution for Small, Medium & Large Enterprises”

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Many companies are looking for a cost effective simple way to improve communications throughout their whole business. “American Technology Solutions” (ATS) offers many technologies that can help with this. Unified Communications is a technology that offers video collaboration. This means easy access to video conferencing for anyone in the company. Specifically Scopia, it is a technology that allows companies to have video conferences with employees and clients alike. It is simple and allows many people to be on the same video call simply by clicking a link on an email sent by the person setting it all up. It’s a cost effective way to seamlessly allow face to face communication throughout the world.

I personally use Scopia because it’s provides easy to use video conferencing features and typically takes less than a minute to load the free application, is manufacturer agnostic and does not take hours to install software. It allows me to stay connected with co-workers, customers and partners no matter where I am located. I can send out an email to customers who may have a question and with the click of a button we are face to face. The technology is so simple that it operates on many different platforms including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The only requirements are a video camera which come standard on basically any technology nowadays. Scopia, by Radvision an AVAYA Company, is a leading video collaboration technology solution that can help improve communications for any company, no matter the industry they operate within.

Yesterday, I was able to have a face to face meeting with a partner of ours as well as my boss. It was quick and easy and allowed four individuals on opposite sides of the country to be in contact over the internet. This is just one example of how Scopia can save you time and money. This meeting would be costly and time consuming if we had to fly across the country to be face to face. However, with this new technology, our laptops offered us the platform to utilize Scopia and be face to face at eight in the morning, without even leaving the office.

By contacting ATS we are able to set you up with the software and could even show you how it works by doing a video conference. This technology can improve your whole company and allow employees to seamlessly connect with anyone they need too. Most video conferencing technology is bulky and expensive, but Scopia is cost effective and does not require any tedious and time consuming installation. The solution may be offered as a standalone Room System at the Customer Site, In a Customer Provided Data Center, a Hosted Data Center and finally as a Cloud Based User Option. The best decision for your company is to contact us about how it can be an effective tool for your business. I am constantly amazed by how simple and productive Scopia is and it allows my work days to be far more efficient. Unified Communications are very important in today’s world, and American Technology Solutions has a great offering with Scopia.

Taking a Live Virtual Tour @ ASU Campus with family – February 28, 2014

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I was walking around the Arizona State University (ASU) campus the other day on my lunch break and observed something very unique. A group of prospective students were being led on a tour of the university. This group had a broad range of students and parents, but one female stood out. She was holding an iPad which had a video conferencing application up & running. I’m not sure if it was Skype or another application, but regardless it was operating the same as technology we offer such as Scopia. On the other end of her video conference was an older couple whom I am assuming were her parents or grandparents. This couple was getting a firsthand view of all the offerings the university had, without being on the tour. To my knowledge, they may not even have been in the country. I found this extraordinary, for whatever reason, this couple could not join the girl on the trip around ASU but was able to see everything she saw at the same time. In addition, they were able to communicate back and forth, discussing the many sights and offerings they viewed. The tour guide leading the group was speaking over a mega-phone that allowed for all participants to hear her; even the couple on the iPad video conference.

I thought to myself, how wonderful is the new technology that a couple not present could experience the university with their friend, family or loved-one simply by an Internet connection. This got me thinking about Cloud Technology and how “American Technology Solutions” (ATS) can provide a video conference call between more than 10 employees or customers. The business use of video conferencing has a variety of functions. For example; companies can save thousands of dollars by not having to pay travel expenses for employees to be at a meeting. They can purchase the technology through their telecom provider and the employee who is far away can view the whole meeting from his or her computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s not simply a voice meeting for that employee, they experience a video feed with matching sound that will help that person grasp every concept from the meeting or demonstration. This technology is very convenient for every party involved and is just one function that unified communications providers can offer to customers.

The prospective student was able to take the campus tour with her family practically being right next to her. This helped clarify and explain to this family what ASU was offering and what it looked like. This technology allowed this family to easily communicate during an important part of the college application process. It is examples such as this that prove to everyone that investments in technology like video conferencing and others such as VoIP, Remote Workers, Mobile Workers and many others provide cost effective solutions that will make our lives better, companies more competitive, employees and customers more satisfied, which ultimately makes your business more successful.

By having a contract with a premise based technology provider such as ATS , a company can gain a strong competitive advantage over its competition. The services provide employees with communication flexibility, while reducing stress, hassle and wasted time. If a family out of state or overseas has the ability to see ASU through their family member’s iPad, smartphone or computer, then a business could definitely benefit from the video conferencing offered by telecom providers such as ATS . A company will see immediate improvement in their customer and employee satisfaction and bottom line by partnering with a leading telecom provider such as ATS . ATS works with “best in class” manufacturers such as AVAYA to implement these technologies for our customers. The affect will be an overall improved company by streamlining communications.

American Technology Solutions of Arizona Rebuilds its Website to Expand Online Presence – January 8, 2014

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“American Technology Solutions” (ATS) has made the decision to expand its internet presence through a new website and additional social media presence. It is a giant leap for the company because it assists their customers and prospective customers by giving them a framework to reach out to their telecom provider via the internet. As we all know, the internet is a critical aspect of everyone’s lives nowadays.

ATS has created an avenue for customers to reach out with concerns, issues or great feedback. It opens up another option for communication between this premise based supplier and companies. As spoken about in the last blog, communication across the board is imperative to a company growing and sustaining its current client base. The idea for ATS is to expand its web presence by adding additional resources to social media along with a new website.

The website had already been updated and the link can be found here . It’s a great start to this new approach of expansion via the internet. It has pages full of testimonials and has links to all the social media pages as well as this blog. It allows companies to see the products and services and also provides an outlet for them to reach out and contact us. This new website will complement the social media pages and vice versa because they are all linked to one another. By adding posts to these pages regularly, the customers and other interested parties can see what the company is up to on a daily basis. This gives them a stronger sense for what type of company ATS really is. We want to grow and add relationships with companies and this is a strong avenue to do just that. Increasing our internet presence is just the start to a new year in which all of us at ATS expect a big year full of growth and satisfaction for ourselves and customers alike.

Premise Based Phone Systems Perfect for Middle Size Companies – January 14, 2014

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A middle size company often does not have much time to decide on a phone system, making a premise based solution perfect for them. The technology coordinator often has, multiple responsibilities and one of them is choosing a new phone system. They might not have the strongest background in telecom and must rely on a service provider. A premise based system covers all their needs, from applications and functionality all the way to support and professional installation.

American Technology Solutions has a professional installation team that can deliver hours of onsite management the day of install, guaranteeing the system runs smoothly for the customer. They are a middle sized provider themselves that prides itself on providing a personal experience to its customers. No client will feel alienated or left without support. It is critical that the provider is always on call in case of emergency. ATS guarantees our support team is always standing by.

A premise based system has functionality by applications that your old phone system does not. Avaya’s One-X Portal improves the efficiency level throughout the office and allows employees to communicate with one another more effectively. Mobility features, voice-mail to email and many other features let employees operate from outside the office and not lose any functionality. This system delivers exactly what a mid-sized company desires, a highly functional system with a lower total cost of ownership than they are used to paying. When you add those two things alone with a great support system and high customer satisfaction, it seems like a no brainier to choose a premise base system for your new telecom option.

American Technology Solutions is the Right Telecom Provider for you – January 30, 2014

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“American Technology Solutions” (ATS) combines the right amount of small business service with the knowledge of a large conglomerate. Doing business with ATS means you receive the highest level of customer satisfaction because the company prides itself with never letting any customer fall through the cracks. They always are on standby with customer support and service or for any other reason. The company’s size allows it to focus even on the smallest customer, something most telecom providers are not able to do.

Along with that; ATS has connections and a product line that features the best on the market. With VoIP Phones from companies such as AVAYA, video conferencing services like SCOPIA and an installation and training support team that outmatches any competitor. It is ATS’ goal to deliver the customer the best telecom solution possible and is currently doing that.

ATS prides itself with the points spoken about above. In addition, they make sure their pricing is very competitive so the customer or possible clients can receive these telecom features without breaking the bank so to speak. In their experience dating back to 2005, ATS has had a very high customer satisfaction rating. That rating can be linked directly back to the things discussed here. ATS is looking to grow and dedicated to maintaining these principles and putting the customers first. 2014 is going to be a huge year for ATS, give us a call and let us demonstrate what the “Right Telecom Provider” can do for your company today.