Arizona Escrow & Financial Corp, Monica May-Dunn Vice President & CFO

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We first contacted American Technology Solutions for a new VoIP Phone System for our new office. Our current system did not meet our expansion needs and was an older VoIP Solution that had been installed for quite some time. We looked at several other options, ultimately choosing American Technology Solutions and the Avaya IP Office VoIP Solution due to the professionalism, timely proposal, features, total cost of ownership and excellent references. We also contracted with them for the cabling of the new office. About one month prior to our move the current VoIP System died, we quickly contacted our current VoIP vendor and the costs to restore service was very high and would take several days to a week. We then reached out to Bob Edens at American Technology Solutions and asked how quickly they could install our new system at our current office. Although the new system had not been ordered, Bob’s team worked a miracle and had Arizona Escrow and Financial Corp back in business the next day. Bob, Edgar and Douglas arrived at 10am the next morning with our new Avaya IP Office VoIP System and had us in service by noontime. Since this time they moved us to our new office and have been extremely responsive to any questions and or service needs. I can attest that we highly recommend them for any companies communications needs.