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Perfect Choice Real Estate, James Len Watson Broker: On June 20th, 2014 the phone system for our office was damaged during a power failure/surge. We immediately reached out to multiple Avaya Business Partners in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and had difficulty finding one that had inventory of spare IP Office parts. Fortunately, I came across American Technology Solutions (ATS) and not only did they have inventory, they immediately dispatched Sam to the site with parts in hand. Due to the nature of the issue the main IP Office chassis had to be replaced and the system re-programmed. We first contacted ATS at 1:30pm. Sam arrived onsite by 2:00pm with a new IP Office chassis and immediately diagnosed the problem and began the swap out of the damaged equipment and reprogramming of our replacement unit. Sam had us back in business before end of our business day. It is nice to know that Perfect Choice Real Estate can depend on ATS for our future service support needs. They have product inventory on hand, a team of 6 Avaya IP Office Techs and a response team that impressed us by providing us with immediate service despite never doing business with them before. I highly recommend the team at American Technology Solutions to any company looking for a professional team to meet their current and future telecommunications needs.