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Why it is time to re-imagine cybersecurity with CyberOps

What you need to know to better protect their information with CyberOps, a military grade cybersecurity platform, for small business in mind

Written by Luna B. Ruiz June 25, 2020

“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be”

Robert Muller, Former FBI Director

Not all cybersecurity platforms are created equal. With increasing risk of cybercrime, Investing in a robust cybersecurity platform is integral to the long-term competitiveness and survival model for a company. As a small business owner, you may feel like a small fish in a big pond because you may not have millions of customer records.

But that is a misguided idea that could cost your business. Stealing information from smaller businesses is considered “low hanging fruit” to hackers because they know smaller businesses may not have an adequate layer of cybersecurity. As companies transition to adapt their service-providing business model in a post-COVID market, it becomes even more important to protect information at the office and at home. The failure to invest in a powerful cybersecurity platform, like CyberOps, means your business risks data exposure, lost revenue, and strained trust of your clients.

Here are some of the facts:

  • According to Forbes, the average cost in 2019 for small businesses to recover from a ransomware attack was $84,000.
  • The annual CPO report on 2020 cybersecurity trends identifies a hacking attack occurs every 39 seconds.
  • A 2018 Cyber Readiness Report  published by Hiscox reveals that 73% of companies are “not ready” to respond to a cyber-attack.

Small business owners should not have to choose between quality of protection and affordability.

How CyberOps, a military grade cybersecurity platform, is the solution for you and your business:

1.  Bang for your Buck: Affordable and Effective

“The cyber security industry hasn’t addressed the small business market in a material way,” said Chase Norlin, CEO of Transmosis. “Small business are stuck in a world between weak consumer Antivirus solutions and the expensive enterprise software market. Sophisticated cyber security platforms have traditionally been out of reach for small businesses where many owners falsely believe they are safe from attack.”

It may be true that smaller businesses may not have the same budget allowance as larger companies, however, simple, yet effective, security measures can make a substantial difference. The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch identified CyberOps as a “Top Affordable A.I. Cyber Security Software for Small Businesses” for 2020. Intended to operate like a fully outsourced cyber security team, your business does not need to hire or purchase any additional resources. With small business owners in mind, CyberOps is a monthly subscription-based model with no set-up fees.

2.  Double the Security: The Power of Artificial Intelligence + 24/7 Monitoring

CyberOps is committed to protecting work and home offices. AI capabilities allow for CyberOps to detect and mitigate cyber threats before they become  disasters  for  a  company.  A  recently  published article determined that roughly 60% of small businesses go out of business six-months after a cyber attack. CyberOps adopts a two-pronged approach when it comes to your protection: autonomous breach detection software  and a 24/7 live Security Operations Center.

CyberOps’ proactive approach to monitoring your business cyber environment is powered through Cynet Sensor Fusion’s three step approach: Collect, Analyze, and Enforce. Incorporating artificial intelligence allows for CyberOps security services to be adaptive- learn about past threats to anticipate and detect the new ones. In the first step, Cynet gathers and organizes large amounts of data from disparate sources including information from user activity, process behavior and network traffic. Traditional antivirus utilizes static databases of threats. The problem: traditional antivirus cannot adapt and learn of new threats. Once all the information gathered, the alert engine then engages in a robust validation process to analyze and identify suspicious behavior prior to alerting you. In the third step, suspicious activity triggers the automated breach protection operation: additional monitor, prevent data breaches, detect origin of the hack, and respond within the system and to the business owner.

Additionally, live security analysts monitor your platform through the 24/7 live Security Operations Center. CyberOps also values customer relations cultivated in a small business setting. Unlike like many other cybersecurity platforms, you can directly interact with a security analyst with a concern or question.

Two Additional Cybersecurity Practices to Protect Your Business Today:

  1. Top-Down Approach: Build a “Cyber Secure” Culture

Everyone should know the risks. Do not allow a hack to be a technology issue versus an internal governance issue. Maximize your investment in an effective cybersecurity platform with a continuous investment in your employees. Promote cybersecurity awareness and best practices. It is easy to forget that some of the best lines of defense are already in place. As a business owner, continue to invest in your employees: your employees should be well trained in standard phishing attacks, strong password best practices, and encrypted services.

Here are additional resources for reading:

2.  Using a cloud-based collaboration environment

The ability to share files, meeting notes, engage in conference calls, and stay up to date with ongoing business projects is essential to maintain productivity while some employees may be working either in the office or at home. It is more important now than ever to stay connected…safely. Moving business capabilities form premised-based systems to the cloud is a recommended option for businesses of all sizes.

Suggestion: Modernize communication

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Allow American Technology Cloud (ATC) to design a secured and efficient communications solution for your business.

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