Keeping Safety, a Priority in Customer Service

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How American Technology Solutions and Spinitar’s Welcome-Check™ can maintain health and safety standards during the pandemic.

Written by Kaitlin Thresher July 10th, 2020

Companies throughout the world are struggling to find a solution that will keep their employees and customers safe. As scientists and medical professionals attempt to find a vaccine, the coronavirus continues to spread, as cases surge across the United States. Even with cases continuing to spike, all 50 states have begun to reopen services to some extent, mostly at a very limited capacity. Thus, finding any solution in the meantime to limit the spread and indicate whether a customer or employee may carry the virus is essential.

Here are some key facts that affect business owners:

  • According to a study by the University of Massachusetts, 60% of essential workers feel unsafe at their workplace, 71% are unable to maintain social distancing
  • Even though over 100 potential vaccines are being tested, it can still take up to 18 months in order for the vaccine to be available to the general
  • The Washington Post reported that 58% of Americans felt uneasy about going back to work and bringing the coronavirus home to their families back in
  • A study by First Insight indicated that only 43% of consumers felt comfortable returning to local small On top of that only 33% said they would return to shopping malls.

Now more than ever, business owners and leaders should take charge of keeping the safety of their employees a top priority. As so many workers are feeling unsafe in the workplace, steps taken in order to provide security and ease-of-mind are essential in the safe return of employees and customers.

And while every one of your employees should feel comfortable in the workplace, it is just as important that you customers feel safe too. As the First Insight study revealed, over half of consumers do not feel ready or safe to return to local businesses or retail stores. This means a potential loss of over 50% of profit for small business owners. Thus, finding any solution that creates the feeling of security during these times can make or break a business that is already struggling due to the effects of COVID-19. Luckily, American Technology Solutions and Spinitar’s new product, Welcome-Check™, is now available to provide a safer option to embrace the new normal. Read below to learn more about exactly how Welcome-Check™ will enhance your safety efforts.

Real time thermal detection:

Welcome-Check™ is a device that takes the temperature of your guests, without hassle and without having to worry about your employee breaking social distancing guidelines to check temperatures. It works by using thermal imaging technology to get a precise temperature for each customer and staff member. By tracking the temperature of each guest, this will create additional safety measures that could mean life or death for your employees and other patrons.

By providing safety measures at the door, this will eliminate some of the apprehension that so many consumers are feeling when returning to large corporations and small businesses.  Additionally, the Welcome-Check™ device will demonstrate how important the safety of your staff is and will keep staff members informed and feeling appreciated.

Keeping a safe distance:

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends maintaining a six-foot distance from others.  Welcome-Check™ makes it easy to adhere to these guidelines, as the thermal imaging process is completed from a safe distance. The scanning is completely hands-free. The product can be mounted on the wall, secured on a tabletop stand, or even mounted on a podium [see all three options below].


What does this mean for you? This means that your business is taking a step in the right direction to minimize the spread of COVID-19, while still allowing you to stay open. By using thermal imaging to detect ill customers or staff and maintaining a safe distance, the Welcome-Check™ software will allow your business to adjust to the new normal, while the world still awaits a vaccine.

System functionality and abilities:

The Welcome-Check™ system holds the ability to hold up to 30,000 images at a time through advanced facial recognition software. Through facial recognition, the system can track many people walking by simultaneously. This means that staff can easily identify who may be at risk for the coronavirus.

Additionally, the Welcome-Check™ system can help with tracking how many customers are entering and leaving your business through advanced analytics and data tracking. It can provide the total number of face scans, user scan information, visitor scan information, and it can hold information on blacklisted users.

By using the Welcome-Check™ system, business owners can begin to return to normal, make their customers feel safe, and show how much they value the health and safety of their employees. In order to learn more about how to bring a Welcome-Check™ system into your establishment, head to American Technology Solutions!

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