Reliable Feature Rich Communications is the Ticket to Your Success

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In the current age of technology, a new telecom system can have a direct and positive impact on your company. Conversely a vintage telecom system could and often does have a direct and negative impact on a company. If a vintage systems goes unchecked and the company does not keep abreast with the lack of replacement parts or service providers that have trained technicians they are likely setting themselves up for failure. It does not matter how large or small a company is, what does matter is the importance for executives to realize the need for a reliable telecommunications system. Many decision makers within companies do not understand how important reliability and functionality are. Whether a business has one phone or thousands of phones, it has direct impact on the company’s bottom line. A one phone business needs that phone to be reliable just as the larger company needs every phone to be reliable.

Consider this, a small company has three phones and the whole system fails because of a service provider error. This is a huge problem because they do not have any backup systems in place to receive or place phone calls. Imagine if a pizza delivery store operated with one phone and that phone broke because it was old, there would be no opportunities for that company to receive orders for business because they have a broken phone and an outdated service provider with no maintenance possibilities. For a small company, losing days or possibly weeks of business due to an inept or broken phone system could lead to great financial losses, customers and reputation.

Because of this and other reasons, there are many benefits for a company to adopt a new telecom provider such as “American Technology Solutions” (ATS). First of all, ATS offers new state of art phone systems that operate with great reliability and the highest in functionality. As a company we cover the client on all aspects from maintenance on their phones to unified communications (options such as video conferencing among others). In this case, if that pizza shops phone broke, ATS technology would deliver a customer’s call for food to a mobile device, such as a smart phone. This would allow for a seamless transition and provide an alternative communication method so no business would be lost. In addition, we provide maintenance contracts to our customers in case a phone does break. These contracts allow for us to order a new phone and have it delivered and installed very quickly. All the while, our clients business is still operating at a high level of service by using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer that will be completely seamless to their respective customers.

These benefits may be applied to a large company as well, albeit on a larger scale. Imagine a company with a thousand phones, utilizing a maintenance contract on a solution that offers voice, video, data, mobility and ubiquity. With these services bundled together as a total solution they will be the answer to that executive that leads this company and knows now that they can’t afford to be without these services. The loss of these services could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions given the right circumstances and timing. Also, our unified communication offerings can deliver avenues of communication they are not used too. For example, once a company has the technology for video conferencing, everything changes. It opens up new doors and allows for that company to add another arrow to their quiver and put them in a position to lead in their respective geography or industry. As spoken about in other blogs, a new telecom system offers many other applications and means of communication that streamlines a company and increases communications as a whole.

By choosing a telecom provider such as ATS , companies of all sizes will benefit from the tremendous amount of offerings. Whether a small company relies on us for stability, knowing they will always have a means to communicate or a large company capitalizes on our broad array of communication technology; they all win. Each company gains a reliable and useful telecom system while working with a provider that treats them with respect and is always available for troubleshooting or even simple questions that may come about. ATS prides itself of being available to all its customers, no matter how large or small they might be.