AVAYA “One-X Portal” the One Experience that Companies Need

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There are many aspects of a company that are critical for it to be successful. You have the employees, product and processes in which the business is conducted. A main part of this process relies on communication between employees within the company and customers. Inter-office communication is critical for a business to operate smoothly. Imagine if employees did not have a reliable and seamless platform to communicate over, things would turn into chaos. Employees need to be on the same page, whether they are an hourly employee or the top executive.

For example, if a top level executive is out of the office for any reason and a major issue arises at work, the employees dealing with the situation might have the need to contact that executive face to face. Without a reliable and highly functional communication system, this would not be possible. However, with “American Technology Solutions” (ATS) communication platform, this is easily possible because of the unified communication offerings such as video conferencing. This technology would allow for that employee who is handling a key issue to video conference the executive and speak face to face with them until the issue is resolved.

In addition, say the problem has to do with a disgruntled customer, the technology ATS offers allows for multiple parties to video conference seamlessly with no hassle or headache. Therefore, the employee and executive could conference the customer who is unhappy and handle the issue in a timely and personal fashion. Without a top level communication system none of this would be possible. If a business never upgraded telephone systems, they would have a difficult time dealing with customer issues. The video conferencing technology can provide a company a safety net and save them time and money by eliminating the need for a face to face opportunity or service related matter with customers and prospects.

ATS’ platform offers a variety of other communication tools to improve productivity around the office. One-X (One Experience) Portal is an application that keeps all employees up to date on who’s in the office and whose not. Also, they can see via the application who might be on the phone or who stepped away from their desk for a moment. These abilities might seem simple and not important, but I know from firsthand experience that knowing what other employees are doing can save you much wasted time throughout the day. I have used the ATS platform and can honestly say I would never switch it for any other communication system. The offerings are the best in the industry and improve a company in ways no other telecom provider can.

To become a successful company, many aspects have to be monitored and upgraded. Telecommunication is one area where the latest technology is necessary for a business to stay ahead of its competition. ATS offers a communication platform that delivers this to its customers and has received marvelous feedback. It’s not too late to look into a new communications system. If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to contact a provider such as ATS and see how they can positively impact your company today.