My Take on Premise vs. Cloud Unified Communications (UC) Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Myth vs. Reality – Post 4. – July 22, 2014

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Premise based training costs may be significantly exaggerated by the Cloud Based Solution Providers…
American Technology Solutions (ATS) has found that AVAYA has the largest installed base of any premise based solutions, therefore, two factors to consider; Number 1, it is possible that the vintage system being displaced is an AVAYA legacy system. Therefore, the terminology, phones, features, and voicemail interface may be very similar or in some cases the same. AVAYA is often able to support the existing vintage phones on the new platform and therefore not only is training a user how to use the phone not a factor, but the costs associated with product and labor are eliminated. Number 2, AVAYA unlike many Cloud Based Solution competitors does not attempt to place minimal button phones in place of many button phones rich with the many features that users have grown accustom to using and therefore, require the user to access the features via the PC or MAC. This works fine for most of the younger generation, but in some instances it may be intimidating to the older more experienced veteran. With the AVAYA solution you can almost do everything directly from the phone with an easy to use interface as compared to the Cloud Based end user being forced to use the browser based portal. It is ATS belief that AVAYA offers a more flexible solution that is easily tailored to each unique user’s preferences vs. pigeon holing them into one interface. Another factor to consider is that due to AVAYA’s over 100 years in the business the likelihood of some or many of the users having already used an AVAYA system is a high probability; therefore, the learning curve for those individuals is minimal. AVAYA being an industry leader is blessed with not only AVAYA produced YouTube training videos, but AVAYA has over 2,000 business partners that some have produced their own YouTube videos. The access to this plethora of self-help training videos is a clear training advantage and provides low cost or even free access to train AVAYA end users.
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