How is your Technology Company doing for you, maybe it is time for a change to American Technology Solutions of Arizona?

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There are thousands of technology companies that rise and fall in rank throughout the year. I believe the market has become over saturated and therefore many are not successful. Every business relies on technology to communicate with their customers, partners, suppliers and fellow associates and therefore must depend on one of these companies to design, install and provide ongoing support on the many technology applications they utilize to meet their business needs and goals. These technology providers offer solutions that range from Premise Based Traditional Telephony, VoIP (Voice over IP), Video Conferencing & Collaboration, Data Communications, Wireless Voice & Data, and Mobility Solutions. These providers are vastly different corporations, but require a solid customer base to purchase their technology products & services. Each company has their niche target market that avails certain competitive advantages that allow them to stay profitable. However, if they lose focus and wander far from their niche market and competitive advantages they often succumb to less profit, loss of market share or even total business failure. Often selling their customer base and employees far below their true value by a competitor that stayed focused on their strengths. The technology industry has always been fluid since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, but in today’s global economy with internet access worldwide the rapid pace of the changes and enhancements in technology is blinding and many companies fail to stay in lock step with the times. These companies will likely fail.

As stated above, it only requires one competitive advantage to be successful. If that advantage is a product or service and you combine that with a great customer experience, a company can absolutely become successful. “American Technology Solutions” (ATS) made a decision to be an innovator by adopting the latest unified communication technologies, such as Video Conferencing & Collaboration software suite like AVAYA Scopia Radvision. This allowed ATS to offer companies in need of expansion the ability to transition slowly and cost effectively while still able to use older technology from Cisco, Polycom and others and to integrate the new AVAYA Scopia Radvision Platform over time. This industry leading solution from Avaya allows ATS to offer the best of both worlds, a cost effective transition to new technology while still taking advantage of a company’s investment protection. This competitive advantage is at the heart of how ATS stays one step ahead of other technology providers. ATS strategy is to remain fluid as technological breakthroughs and new enhanced products are introduced. They will keep their eye on the “Best in Class” technologies so their customers benefit financially and stay one step ahead of their competition.

American Technology Solutions approach has been successful over the past decade by offering the strongest telecom platform on the market. Their products and customer service speaks for itself and has proven to be among the best within their market of this vast technology industry.