Unified Communications is here and absolutely necessary, let American Technology Solutions introduce you to AVAYA’s

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Unified Communications has allowed traditional voice systems to transform into a totally new form of technology. The benefits for companies cannot be matched by traditional voice platforms. There are many definitions of unified communications, but they all have the same goal, keeping a company, employees, suppliers and partners connected to increase productivity and streamline communications across the board. There are parts of the platform such as Office Communicator that keeps employees up to date on who is doing what within the office. In addition, there is video conferencing, which offers the user another avenue to stay in communication with coworkers and their customers alike. The idea is to add the latest technology to the basic telecom platform to create a far more useful system to all users.

“American Technology Solutions” (ATS) is a telecom provider that offers a market leading unified communications platform along with its telecom systems. There are many different video conferencing platforms that companies can offer to its users. However, ATS delivers the latest video conferencing software called Scopia via AVAYA. This technology is simple and user friendly, allowing any user to operate it, even without a strong technology background. The software is free and auto installs when you receive and accept your first video conference invite. Therefore, a person may join a video call by clicking the link sent out via email. Video Conferencing technology offers the ability for face to face communication among a group of users. However, Scopia also gives the ability for customers to share information such as documents or PowerPoint’s, simply by pressing a button. By doing this, it is shared throughout the video call and allows all users to receive the information immediately. This AVAYA Radvision – Scopia Solution is unmatched by other video conferencing software and is touted as the easiest to use for novice users. ATS prides itself by offering the latest in telecom & unified communication technology to our customers.

This has allowed American Technology Solutions to constantly grow in size by adding customers who seek the best telecom platform available in the marketplace. Best in Class technology from industry leading manufacturer, AVAYA. Customers have heard great things about ATS unified communication offerings and have not been let down when they implement the system within their company. Unified communications has allowed the telecom industry to grow because it now has technology that can significantly improve any business, no matter the size or industry. The technology is vital to the growth of corporations that they cannot afford to continue forward without the latest telecom platform from a reliable provider such as ATS. The growth ATS has seen can be attributed to a few things; customer service, unified communications and the reliable telecom platform they offer. Prospective clients have heard about the amazing telecom platform ATS offers and plenty have made the decision to move forward with them as their telecom provider.

American Technology Solutions has become a reliable telecom provider by offering market leading technology such as Scopia. By incorporating their telecom platform with the unified communication software; ATS has developed a reliable, functional and streamlined communication system that is the best in the industry. Unified communications has allowed telecom providers to expand their offerings to customers and increase the size of their businesses. ATS has used the new technology to improve their product and increase the level of satisfaction among customers. The new platform has allowed ATS to develop into one of the leading telecom providers in the country. They can help any company improve their communications and streamline the overall business.