American Technology Solutions is the Right Telecom Provider for you – January 30, 2014

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“American Technology Solutions” (ATS) combines the right amount of small business service with the knowledge of a large conglomerate. Doing business with ATS means you receive the highest level of customer satisfaction because the company prides itself with never letting any customer fall through the cracks. They always are on standby with customer support and service or for any other reason. The company’s size allows it to focus even on the smallest customer, something most telecom providers are not able to do.

Along with that; ATS has connections and a product line that features the best on the market. With VoIP Phones from companies such as AVAYA, video conferencing services like SCOPIA and an installation and training support team that outmatches any competitor. It is ATS’ goal to deliver the customer the best telecom solution possible and is currently doing that.

ATS prides itself with the points spoken about above. In addition, they make sure their pricing is very competitive so the customer or possible clients can receive these telecom features without breaking the bank so to speak. In their experience dating back to 2005, ATS has had a very high customer satisfaction rating. That rating can be linked directly back to the things discussed here. ATS is looking to grow and dedicated to maintaining these principles and putting the customers first. 2014 is going to be a huge year for ATS, give us a call and let us demonstrate what the “Right Telecom Provider” can do for your company today.