Taking a Live Virtual Tour @ ASU Campus with family – February 28, 2014

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I was walking around the Arizona State University (ASU) campus the other day on my lunch break and observed something very unique. A group of prospective students were being led on a tour of the university. This group had a broad range of students and parents, but one female stood out. She was holding an iPad which had a video conferencing application up & running. I’m not sure if it was Skype or another application, but regardless it was operating the same as technology we offer such as Scopia. On the other end of her video conference was an older couple whom I am assuming were her parents or grandparents. This couple was getting a firsthand view of all the offerings the university had, without being on the tour. To my knowledge, they may not even have been in the country. I found this extraordinary, for whatever reason, this couple could not join the girl on the trip around ASU but was able to see everything she saw at the same time. In addition, they were able to communicate back and forth, discussing the many sights and offerings they viewed. The tour guide leading the group was speaking over a mega-phone that allowed for all participants to hear her; even the couple on the iPad video conference.

I thought to myself, how wonderful is the new technology that a couple not present could experience the university with their friend, family or loved-one simply by an Internet connection. This got me thinking about Cloud Technology and how “American Technology Solutions” (ATS) can provide a video conference call between more than 10 employees or customers. The business use of video conferencing has a variety of functions. For example; companies can save thousands of dollars by not having to pay travel expenses for employees to be at a meeting. They can purchase the technology through their telecom provider and the employee who is far away can view the whole meeting from his or her computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s not simply a voice meeting for that employee, they experience a video feed with matching sound that will help that person grasp every concept from the meeting or demonstration. This technology is very convenient for every party involved and is just one function that unified communications providers can offer to customers.

The prospective student was able to take the campus tour with her family practically being right next to her. This helped clarify and explain to this family what ASU was offering and what it looked like. This technology allowed this family to easily communicate during an important part of the college application process. It is examples such as this that prove to everyone that investments in technology like video conferencing and others such as VoIP, Remote Workers, Mobile Workers and many others provide cost effective solutions that will make our lives better, companies more competitive, employees and customers more satisfied, which ultimately makes your business more successful.

By having a contract with a premise based technology provider such as ATS , a company can gain a strong competitive advantage over its competition. The services provide employees with communication flexibility, while reducing stress, hassle and wasted time. If a family out of state or overseas has the ability to see ASU through their family member’s iPad, smartphone or computer, then a business could definitely benefit from the video conferencing offered by telecom providers such as ATS . A company will see immediate improvement in their customer and employee satisfaction and bottom line by partnering with a leading telecom provider such as ATS . ATS works with “best in class” manufacturers such as AVAYA to implement these technologies for our customers. The affect will be an overall improved company by streamlining communications.