Air Support Inc., Brent Brewer Vice President

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Air Support’s introduction to American Technology Solutions (ATS) began in 2010 with the installation of an Avaya IP Office Communications Solution. The proposal, purchase and installation by Sam Hermosillo were professional, met our current and future needs and the implementation was a non-event. That said, the story does not end there, ATS has become an important partner that we rely on for timely service matters. Not only are they extremely responsive when an urgent matter arises, but the direction and support they provide leads us to the root of the problem in such a manner that services are often restored without dispatch. Case and point is that in the past year Air Support has suffered multiple service provider outages that could last hours if not a full day without ATS stepping up and helping us identify the issue in the matter of minutes to an hour and providing us the direction necessary to get the service provider to resolve the matter promptly. We consider ATS a “partner in our business” without any reservation. We recommend them highly for any business that is looking for top notch products and services.