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Carousel Industries, Megan Hodgkin Manager of Subcontractors

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Carousel Industries consults, integrates and manages technology solutions that solve business problems and contribute to corporate growth. Our managed services, mobility, video solutions, A/V integration, virtualization, unified communications, and data infrastructure solutions leverage our consultative approach, deep technical expertise, and extensive industry partnerships. To deliver our services wherever our clients might be located we partner with other technology companies that embrace our belief in “best in class service support.” This is why we have selected American Technology Solutions as our go to team in Arizona. Our customers deserve quality services each and every time they contact Carousel Industries. To make sure we meet or exceed customer expectations when using our subcontractor teams we randomly survey our Dispatchers and Project Managers. There are Five Key areas to insure that services and metrics are being met.

  • Response Time: How quickly our Dispatchers/PM’s received a response once initially reaching out to your company for assistance.
  • Technical Capability: Did the Tech have the skills necessary to complete the job.
  • Check In/Out: Did the Tech check in and out while on site and provide updates in a timely fashion during the project.
  • Closeout: Did the Tech provide the closeout within 24 hours of the dispatch being completed.
  • Recommend: Would the Dispatcher/PM recommend this sub or use them again.

We are pleased to report that for 2015 Carousel Industries randomly surveyed 84 American Technology Solutions projects and or service orders and they received an overall score of 99%. Obviously, this places ATS in our “Best in Class” category. Well done ATS.

Air Support Inc., Brent Brewer Vice President

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Air Support’s introduction to American Technology Solutions (ATS) began in 2010 with the installation of an Avaya IP Office Communications Solution. The proposal, purchase and installation by Sam Hermosillo were professional, met our current and future needs and the implementation was a non-event. That said, the story does not end there, ATS has become an important partner that we rely on for timely service matters. Not only are they extremely responsive when an urgent matter arises, but the direction and support they provide leads us to the root of the problem in such a manner that services are often restored without dispatch. Case and point is that in the past year Air Support has suffered multiple service provider outages that could last hours if not a full day without ATS stepping up and helping us identify the issue in the matter of minutes to an hour and providing us the direction necessary to get the service provider to resolve the matter promptly. We consider ATS a “partner in our business” without any reservation. We recommend them highly for any business that is looking for top notch products and services.

ePlan, LLC, Vanessa White Controller

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ePlan’s introduction to American Technology Solutions (ATS) was via referral from our Communications Consultant. ePlan was transitioning our phone services to another service provider and ATS came highly recommended to assist us. ATS did not disappoint, although the transition was difficult ATS stepped up well beyond expectations, providing technical support and suggestions to resolve several issues related to the transition of services. Ultimately, ATS spearheaded the resolutions and stayed on top of the matter throughout the project. During this project ePlan decided to consider a change of the current onsite vintage phone system to improve our teams ability to serve our customers, provide “Best in Class Support” and move our team into the 21st century with applications so they are more productive and efficient. Although impressed with ATS we looked at several solutions including Hosted. After very careful consideration we chose ATS and the Avaya IP Office. The professionalism shown by ATS from timeliness and completeness of Proposal, Demonstration of Products, and a Total Cost of Ownership Analysis made this difficult and important decision much easier. We decided to move forward with the Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition, One-X Portal and Xima Chronicall Cradle to Grave and Recording Library. They provided onsite training for our team and a seamless cutover to the new system. I am happy to say that our team is extremely pleased with this change. We have now worked with ATS for over 4-months and they continue to impress us with their ongoing support and proactive communications and responsiveness. When ePlan thinks of “Best in Class” American Technology Solutions has earned our praise and highest recommendation.

Perfect Choice Real Estate, James Len Watson Broker

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Perfect Choice Real Estate, James Len Watson Broker: On June 20th, 2014 the phone system for our office was damaged during a power failure/surge. We immediately reached out to multiple Avaya Business Partners in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and had difficulty finding one that had inventory of spare IP Office parts. Fortunately, I came across American Technology Solutions (ATS) and not only did they have inventory, they immediately dispatched Sam to the site with parts in hand. Due to the nature of the issue the main IP Office chassis had to be replaced and the system re-programmed. We first contacted ATS at 1:30pm. Sam arrived onsite by 2:00pm with a new IP Office chassis and immediately diagnosed the problem and began the swap out of the damaged equipment and reprogramming of our replacement unit. Sam had us back in business before end of our business day. It is nice to know that Perfect Choice Real Estate can depend on ATS for our future service support needs. They have product inventory on hand, a team of 6 Avaya IP Office Techs and a response team that impressed us by providing us with immediate service despite never doing business with them before. I highly recommend the team at American Technology Solutions to any company looking for a professional team to meet their current and future telecommunications needs.

Jenne, Inc. of Avon Ohio, Dave Johnson CEO

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Jenne Inc., Dave Johnson, CEO: I have known Bob Edens dating back to the AT&T days in the early 1990’s. Bob has always demonstrated strong leadership skills, sales and technical expertise, communications skills, and operates with full integrity and trust. In addition to the skills that Bob demonstrated at AT&T and Lucent Technologies, he became an innovative entrepreneur. With the vast training and experience he gained while an associate at AT&T and Lucent Technologies, he combined his relationship and creative skills and created his own successful and fast growing company — American Technology Solutions. I continue to be impressed with Bob’s ability to set a strategy and then execute. Choosing to work with American Technology Solutions is choosing Bob Edens and, in my view, that’s a wise choice.

Arizona Escrow & Financial Corp, Monica May-Dunn Vice President & CFO

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We first contacted American Technology Solutions for a new VoIP Phone System for our new office. Our current system did not meet our expansion needs and was an older VoIP Solution that had been installed for quite some time. We looked at several other options, ultimately choosing American Technology Solutions and the Avaya IP Office VoIP Solution due to the professionalism, timely proposal, features, total cost of ownership and excellent references. We also contracted with them for the cabling of the new office. About one month prior to our move the current VoIP System died, we quickly contacted our current VoIP vendor and the costs to restore service was very high and would take several days to a week. We then reached out to Bob Edens at American Technology Solutions and asked how quickly they could install our new system at our current office. Although the new system had not been ordered, Bob’s team worked a miracle and had Arizona Escrow and Financial Corp back in business the next day. Bob, Edgar and Douglas arrived at 10am the next morning with our new Avaya IP Office VoIP System and had us in service by noontime. Since this time they moved us to our new office and have been extremely responsive to any questions and or service needs. I can attest that we highly recommend them for any companies communications needs.

Esperança of Phoenix Arizona, Tom Egan President & CEO

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Esperança of Phoenix Arizona, Tom Egan President & CEO: I am so pleased with the work that American Technology Solutions completed for us. I run a small nonprofit in Phoenix, and we were in need of some relocation of our servers and computer equipment as well as having a building rewired. Bob Edens and his staff were a pleasure to work with, they were prompt, affordable and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their technology needs.